How far can the watchmakers push the envelope? Turns out, there are quite the stars out there, who make such head turners… crazy watches, to be worn, we guess, by those bold souls who embrace the different. 

Miki Eleta Timeburner
Movement – Manual, Case size – 48 mm


The obvious inspiration behind Timeburner is a motorcycle engine. Miki Eleta, the maker who is a clock and mechanical artist says, “My dream is to make the unimaginable mechanical art, a reality.” And with this piece, he sure does that, yet again. The case is made of stainless steel, while the bezel and crown is made of untreated bronze.

To read the watch, one has to look at the hour on the right hand side, first. (A little pointer indicates it. Look closely, under the white dash sign). Then look left to see where the black line has moved to. Like in this picture, the ‘11’ has crossed the pointer. And the piston line lies on the ‘10’ and ‘50’ mark. Now since the ‘11’ is less than half way, the time is 11:10 now. Had it been between the ‘11’ and ‘12’ mark, and the piston mark on ‘30’, it would mean the time is 11:30. There are three versions of this available: Silverlight, Chrome-Rider and All-Black. Production limited to 99 pieces, each.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical
Movement – Manual, Case size – 46 x 36 mm

Tourbillon Vertical

The Winch Tourbillon Vertical draws its inspiration from the capstan’s movement. A capstan is a vertical, hand-operated, mechanical device used on a ship. It is used to wrap a rope or chain around it. It’s vertical placement and ability to move other mechanisms is what the inspired this watch.

Mini capstans in the watch help wind the movement and set the time. A tiny chain and a cone-shaped pulley transfer the energy. The drums show the time, and a tiny winch handle – cleverly hidden in the deployant buckle -triggers the mechanisms. The movement is regulated by a vertical tourbillon. The watch can be customized upon request. Production limited to 135 pieces.

HYT Skull Red Eye
Movement – Manual, Case size – 51 mm


Some one: “What’s the time, please?”
The wearer: “It’s 9…”
Some one: 9 past what? my friend
The wearer: Ermm… sorry! My watch doesn’t show the minutes!

You could be in a situation like this, if you do choose to wear the HYT Skull Red Eye. The watch displays hours and seconds, only. No minutes! The makers took this decision, as they wanted the focus to be on the beauty of the watch more than anything else.

But if you take a minute (pun, unintended) to look beyond, you are sure to be amazed at how the liquid in the capillary tube flows to denote time. The amalgamation of fine watchmaking and fluid mechanics is simply mind blowing. Two bellows inside the watch pump the liquid in a synchronised movement. The left eye denotes the seconds while the right eye denotes the reserve power, remaining. Production limited to 25 pieces.

Jacob and Co Astronomia Tourbillon

Movement – Manual, Case size – 49.5 mm


The Astronomia Tourbillon takes the word ‘movement’ quite literally. This, as all the components on the dial keep moving! Chances are that it could lead you to find excuses to check the time, obsessively, every few seconds, just to “watch” the frolic!

Under the domed shaped sapphire case, a 1-carat Briolette Diamond – representing the moon completes one rotation in 60 seconds on two axes. The 18-carat, white gold, hand crafted enamel globe completes one similar rotation on two axes. They both rotate around the centre, once every 20 minutes. The tourbillon, which is supposed to act as the stabilizer against gravity is seen behaving like a stunt machine, spinning across three axes at the same time. The revolving clock face completes this choreography. See the video, here.

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

Movement – Automatic, Case size – 49.5 mm x 52.3 mm


MB&F defines the Horological Machine No.6 (HM6) ‘Space Pirate’ as their most ambitious, most crazy, and most complex project to date. What’s cute is that the watch was inspired by a manga character’s (called Captain Future) space ship.

Each corner of the HM6’s case has a 360° sphere, capped by transparent sapphire crystal domes. The lower domes house the hour and minute indicators, while the top ones house twin spherical turbines that spin automatically (and regulate the winding system), if ever the speed exceeds the specified limit. In the centre sits the 60-second flying tourbillon. A retractable shield, operated by the left-side crown, lets you open the dome to see the tourbillon, closely. Production limited to 25 pieces.

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