H. Moser and Cie. was founded by Heinrich Moser in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1828. His work continued until the early 1980s when quartz watches surfaced, and the demand for mechanical watches tanked. The brand got a fresh lease of life in 2005 when it made a re-appearance with an all-new movement. In 2012, the Meylan family – a family-run, Swiss watch business – took over the manufacture.

All of Moser’s watches are built and finished by hand in an integrated assembly workshop. This ensures that each piece gets the much-required undivided attention, and care. All of the movements, even the hairsprings and escapements – components that are generally outsourced – are produced in their own workshop. The company just makes about 1000 pieces a year and takes great pride in its watches being rare… very rare.

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