Actually, the (Leatherman) Tread – as it is popularly known – was born as a bracelet… a wearable multi-tool. And it owes its existence to Disneyland. Here’s how…

A fine day, Leatherman’s president Ben Rivera went to Disneyland with his family. During the security check, he was stopped at the gate “for carrying a knife.” What he actually had with him was his Skeletool® – a portable, multi-purpose tool from Leatherman that houses six tools inside it, along with a knife. And that’s the component that made the sirens go red. Ben was in no mood to relent. He did not want to surrender the tool and hence had no choice but to go back all the way to his hotel room and drop it there. Determined not to let others like him have a similar fate, he decided to design a wearable tool. And that’s how the Tread was born.

Leatherman Tread S Bracelet

It is shaped out of high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel links that extend into two/three functional tools, each. In all, there are 25 features, which include the likes of box wrenches and screwdrivers. Each link is moulded for strength and resilience. The best part is that the Tread has slotted fasteners. So the wearer can rearrange the links, add or remove new ones, or adjust the size to ¼. Good news for those who have thin wrists. And hey ladies, even you can wear ‘em!

When Ben was wearing the prototypes to test it for comfort and usability, the one remark/question he always encountered – thanks to the bracelet design – was “where’s the watch?” That’s when they decided to make a timepiece an optional part of the Tread, giving birth to the Leatherman Tread QM1.Leatherman Tread QM watch and accessories

The timepiece is a distinctive, Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. The shock and scratch resistant sapphire crystal makes the unique watch ideal for rugged outdoor use. And thanks to the crystal’s clever contour, the reflection is limited and outdoor visibility is enhanced. The case is water resistant up to 200 meters.

Leatherman Tread-QM1 colour options
The Tread will be available in two versions: stainless steel (priced $150) and black diamond-like carbon finish (priced $200). The Leatherman Tread QM1 too comes in stainless steel (priced $500) and black diamond-like carbon finish (priced $600). Tentative availability is around August/September 2015.

In case you are concerned about components of the Tread tangling up with the arm hair, or pinching the skin in any way, then fear not, for as per the company, there have been no issues so far. And yes, the bracelet/watch is certified flight safe (in the US as of now).

If you would like to own this watch, we can help you. Get in touch with us, here.


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